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Ideas on Words, Language and Text

Words on a page are in truth absolutely useless and lifeless unless the reader has an active imagination. If you read without an imagination or understanding you might as well pick up a dictionary and speed read it from page 1 to 1000. 

Words love being read by investigators, inventors, inquirers, sceptics, challengers and so on. In the mind of the mentally alert and active a word comes alive. And they love finding new life every time they are spoken. In these minds they seek and find new meaning. They jump between thoughts and situations. They jostle to be spoken, to be adored, despised, loved, hated, wanted, rejected, to terrify, thrill, torment, nurture and so on. In the mind and in the heart they find a pulse and a purpose. They are ready to be spoken and to have an impact. So the question remains - are you brave enough to take what ever language you speak, to engage with it on a word by word basis, idea by idea, and to release those thoughts and ideas out into the world to impact on us? Are you prepared to take up other people’s time with your thoughts? Are you prepared for us to hang on your every word? Are you ready to be the centre of our attention and the activator of our imaginations? 

You had better be ready, because every word out there means something slightly different in every mind, every heart and every moment. Every word can mean a million things to a million people in a million situations. And your audience are dying to find out just what life your words have. We can’t wait to discover your relationship to the words you speak, and so to the world you see and live in. We want to see and hear your perspectives. We want to get into your head and heart through what you do and what you speak. We want to discover you. So it is your job as the actor, presenter and speaker to seek out the meaning and value of each word that you speak, and then to share these with us uncensored. 

Censored words lack life or meaning. And words spoken carelessly come out lifelessly and fall flatly onto the set, stage or floor right in front of you. And there on the floor they will seldom find the mind of an active listener to thrill, to wake up, or activate.  

© Donald Woodburn

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