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Releasing Tension

Tension trips you up terribly at every turn in your professional presentation work. It stiffens your body, locks your spine, articulators and facial expression, hinders your physical movement, robs the body of resonance, shallows your breathing, and blurs your focus.  It is truly a dreadful thing. And so it is imperative that you discover where you carry tension in your body and that you set about ridding yourself of that tension both in life and for stage and professional presentations.  

There are many ways to release tension and I recommend them all. Stretching, meditation, yoga, physiotherapy, massages, walks on the beach, swimming in the sea, hiking, spending time with your family and friends and so on.  

And if you are using your voice professionally and have to target the tension I suggest lots of body stretching exercises, loose body shaking, loose arm swinging round and round and from side to side, shimmying your body, abdominal breathing, blowing through your lips like a horse, crouching, hanging your head, floppy bouncing  and so on.  

Most of the voice books in my Recommended Reading list contain body release exercises, as does the free manual DrV4n2p1_4 
written by Lorraine Merritt.

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