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Your Unique Voice

Each and every one of our voices is completely unique as there are no two people on the face of the earth who speak identically. Obviously each and every one of us has a differently constructed body comprised of differently shaped and formed speech apparatus, which by the nature of these subtle or substantial differences, must necessarily produce sounds differently.   

And this difference is further moulded by how our physical entities change, by how each of us use our physical entities, by who teaches us to speak, by which culture we come from, by the laws and behavioural patterns we adopt or are subjected to as members of a society or culture, and by how we see ourselves psychologically in relation to the world.  

So, who are you and what do you sound like? Are you brave enough to stop imitating life and just let your voice out?  

Live with freedom from fear of judgement!!! 

© Donald Woodburn

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