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Self Worth And Change

How can you have let yourself believe all these people who told you to change? Where is your self worth? Didn’t your inner voice cry out? Didn’t your gut tell you something was wrong? What happened to your kwaMashu, your Phoenix or your Bluff. What happened to your Nigeria, your Kenya, your South Africa, or your India?

How is this for a thought? Do Germans, Italians, the French, the Dutch, the Chinese, the Japanese and so on allow their inner voices to be altered to please the English? Do they let their languages and cultures be devalued in order to compete globally? I don’t think so? No. Last time I checked the Japanese were still speaking Japanese and the Germans German. And last time I checked they also spoke English with an accent!  

Perhaps some of them held onto their pride because they had money! And perhaps some because they knew just new and respected themselves, their cultures and their values. But hey, at least they held onto themselves and their identities. 

So my question to those of you who have let yourselves be watered down by change is - what do you still have of yourself? What have you retained? 

I think its time to stop. I think its time to remember your mother tongue. Your mother ear. Your mother rhythm. Your natural accent. Its still there. All you have to do is listen to it, embrace it and honour it as your connection and your best communication tool. It’s where your spirit lives! So if you want yourself back you have to get it! It’s yours, and it’s your responsibility to find it and hold onto it. Every one of us has something deep down inside that’s worth hearing. You! 

© Donald Woodburn

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