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The Personal Journey

Learn that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Free yourself of the fear of judgement that comes from those who criticise you just because they don’t like you. Choose to communicate in an environment that fits you. Choose a brand that fits you. Embrace that brand and its platform. Become an expert in your field and of the content you speak. Get to know your audience so that you don’t have to worry about communicating beyond your audience. If you broadcast to the youth, don’t worry about the possibility that your grandparents may be watching, and visa versa. Choose to retain your sense of self and communicate from your own solid platform. Begin to discover your own vocal freedom and to work with no regard for another group’s perceptions or expectations of you (especially if those expectations are based on prejudice, conservatism and false expectations). Get to know yourself, to like yourself and be prepared to reveal yourself and the many aspects of you that make up your self. Stop worrying so much and start having more fun!

(A note for actors - The only time that I think anyone should break from this advice is when they are acting and have to play a character from outside of their culture, age or who has another accent.)

© Donald Woodburn

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