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I have included some excerpts from testimonials I have received from voice training clients and ex-students of mine. Please click through on the site map to the left if you want to read the full testimonials.

Emma Pierson
(Director, Producer and owner of Frosti Lemon Productions)
Donald Woodburn, in his notoriously inspiring and positive way, made a subject which some young aspiring drama students would think of as something to “get out of the way so that they can just get onto the stage”, exciting, meaningful, thought provoking, and I believe contributed to the success of many of the students he taught in the good ol’ AFDA days! 

Greg Viljoen
(Actor, Director & Producer)
The three years in which Donald worked with me on vocal performance and text provided countless revelations, not only about the work, but also about myself. If only everyone could have the opportunity of connecting with their thoughts on a real, emotional level (the basis of all meaningful art, and possibly the main focus of Donald’s invaluable work), what a different world this would be. At the very least, it would sound a lot better.

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