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From: Sean Howard

(Actor, Voice Artist, South Africa)

Donald Woodburn was one of my lecturers at Movietech Film School where I was studying acting. Donald was without a shadow of a doubt the best lecturer in the whole course. I would also venture to say that in my four years of studying prior to that whilst doing my BBA in Marketing, Donald topped all of those lecturers. He was always exceptionally professional, always fully prepared, clear of the direction he was taking us in, knowledgeable and most of all passionate about what he taught.

Honestly no other lecturer in the course dug deeper and pushed us harder than he did. He was like a miner and jeweler faced with a pile of very rough stones, digging deep to find the diamonds, and cutting them to a shape they never knew they had. We were group of students unaware of our talent and rough in our skills. Donald not only rubbed us until we shone, not only provided us with practical skills, but most of all pushed us to a place that enabled us to believe in ourselves and our ability.

Donald is a professional, an artist and a man of passion.

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