Rowan Cloete's testimonial for Australian trained Voice Coach Donald Woodburn Rowan Cloete, Actor, Presenter, DJ, Producer

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From: Rowan Cloete 

(Actor, DJ, Presenter, Public Speaker and Producer, South Africa)

I had the good fortune to work with Donald Woodburn early on in my career - being Afrikaans speaking and having to work in English primarily at the time held challenges that I did not expect, being fully bilingual. Suffice to say that the principles I have come to understand have been invaluable to me as a presenter and speaker, and also as an actor, musician and radio dj.

Not only that, but the comfort within which spoken language resides within my body as a result of the work we did, serves me on all levels of my everyday engagement with the world, both personal and professional - my voice is an instrument that I play with great skill and enthusiasm and value immensely. (You might say I have come to love the sound of my own voice!)

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