Actress Caroline Rix writes about internationally trained voice coach Donald Woodburn Caroline Rix's Testimonial for Donald Woodburn

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From: Caroline Rix

(Actress, Voice Artist, Radio Newsreader, South Africa)

Donald Woodburn can spot a counterfeit right away. He is one of the most knowledgeable and psychologically astute teachers I have ever worked with and continues to inspire me to search for the truth in character and in life itself. In an idustry where verbal and vocal skills are sometimes perversely neglected, we need to be reminded of the power of the voice to engage the heart, body and spirit. Donald's teaching is invaluable for actors, radio personalities and public speakers alike, in creating an awareness of the actual physical nature of the words we choose to speak. We also realise that in their opposition to silence words create a rough almost anarchic portal into our inner life.

As a teacher, Donald speaks from the heart. His sessions gently expose habitual physical and psychological obstacles, breaking down barriers to reveal raw talent. I believe his generous spirit has been the secret force behind many great performances.

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