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There are a number of voice books out there that are brilliantly written and simple to use. While they may seem expensive they are cheap at the price when you consider how much you pay for personal training. So I recommend that if you need to do simple voice work such as correct breathing, articulation, posture, freeing your jaw, loosening your tongue etc, go and buy one of the books first to see if you can’t teach yourself. Or read my free pages on this website

The Right To Speak by Patsy Rodenburg, Freeing The Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater and Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman are well laid out, easy to follow and very easy to use! Rodenburg also includes an index at the back of her book that makes it particularly easy to quickly reference or find useful exercises.  Of all the books I have read I strongly recommend the above three books! And I know that if you can’t find them at your local bookstore that they are easy to order either through your local bookstore or on 

So if you are hesitant to spend big bucks on training, try the books first. Once you have read them I believe you will thank me! 

And if you are an actor these three books should sit next to your bed and be referenced often! They are full of blurbs, thoughts and ideas that will excite you, activate your relationship to your voice, and stimulate you as a performer.

My Recommended List 

Berry C, Voice and the Actor, Harrap, 1973.
(Cicely Berry is considered to be one of the greatest voice teachers ever and is world renowned for her work. I think that this book is more suitable for actors than the general public.) Learn more about Cicely Berry.

Lessac A, The Use and Training of the Human Voice, Drama Book Specialsts, 1967.
(I battle with Lessac’s work, but have watched Yvette Hardie teach it very successfully. If you are at all musical, I have a feeling that you will gel with Lessac’s work) 

Linklater K, Freeing the Natural Voice, Drama Books Specialists, 1976.
(I love this book. I think Linklater explains her work extremely well, and I find it to be a very easy book to connect with and work from.) 

Mamet D, True or False, Heresy and Common Sense for the Modern Actor.
(This is not a voice book, but I think Mamet has some valuable things to say about acting and over-acting) 

Rodenburg P, The Right To Speak, Methuen, 1992.
(This book is a gem. I think that from beginning to end it is a wonderful introduction to the whole gamut of voice work. It is easy to read and yet extremely informative, concise, focussed and ever useful. It is a must buy!) 

Also by Patsy Rodenburg
Rodenburg P, The Need For Words.
Rodenburg P, The Actor Speaks.

Lorraine Merritt, Working On The Human Voice, free download DrV4n2p1_4 

Pepper B, DVD, Voice In Action (BUY). Or visit Bill’s Website for further details

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