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Voice Training

Voice Training is one of my great passions, and it has shaped my life in ways that I never expected. I love doing it and will try my hand at it with anyone from an honest politician to a school kid struggling with an English Oral Exam. 

But for many people working with a voice coach is an expensive luxury. Attending voice training can cost you hundreds of dollars for a simple one day beginner’s course. So it didn’t take me long to realise that there are those who can afford training and those that can’t, and that there are people who need and deserve training who can’t afford it. So I occasionally bend my fee rules. 

Mostly I do low fee work with disadvantaged school children and I drop my fees substantially for young actors, out of work actors, for low or no budget productions and for community radio stations.  

If you need help with your voice, and you really cannot afford my fees, please still contact me. I am deeply passionate about my work and would rather work with you than miss out on that chance.

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