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I love gardening more than almost anything. It took me ten thoroughly enjoyable years to get this garden to this state. When I began gardening I basically had a front lawn and a back lawn and a few plants.

By dividing, begging, collecting seeds and taking cuttings I changed those two lawns into two inexpensive wall to wall flower beds that flowered and prospered for 12 months of the year.



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In the process of shaping, growing and dividing my garden I regularly ended up with large numbers of plants that I could no longer use. Rather than throwing them away I generally potted them or put them in packets and delivered them to friends. I literally gave away tens of thousand worth of plants, and with them a lot of love. So please, next time you decide to give your garden a spring-clean, ask your friends and colleagues if they wouldn’t like to adopt your plants before you throw them away. 

Furthermore I used all the leaves that dropped in my garden and on the street for mulching. I reduced the amount of water needed by the plants through doing so, the soil improved dramatically and when I dug in amongst the leaves and mulch I found that I had created an extraordinary little ecosystem right in the heart of Johannesburg. The birdlife improved too!!!


I also personally installed a watering system (low installation cost) and reduced the water consumption by 75%.

FAB Water Engineering in Randburg (011 793 5513) will do all the maths and science for you for free if you buy from them, and they are very very resonably priced. Installing the system myself took me one Sunday. Give them a call. They were a fantastic help!

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