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Self publishing of my children's books has been a most wonderful journey, improved substantially by the experience of working with three very talented illustrators  who helped bring my writing to life.

Catherine Falconer was the first illustrator to get involved with me, and I owe her a mountain of gratitude for the astonishing work she did on my first two books. Without her commitment I am not sure that my writing career would ever have got off the ground.

Greg King too, in the middle of My Fair Lady and a mountain of other year end theatre work managed to keep delivering pictures and huge amount of enthusiasm. He is truly one of the most enthusiastic and encouraging people I have ever worked with.

Robin Date was the third illustrator that I worked with, and again a talent that arrived extremely timeously on the scene. Thanks to her we were able to bring to life my most revolting character in the most delicious pinks and golds!

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