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Greg King

Greg is a multiple award winning theatre personality based in Durban, where he works as an actor, director, designer and producer. He is also the co-founder of KickstArt, a very successful theatre company in Durban, which produces a cross section of theatre for both adults and children. Greg’s work is always eagerly awaited by the theatre going public, and especially by mothers looking for good children’s theatre productions over the holiday periods.

Greg studied drama at the University of KwaZulu Natal, on the Maritzburg campus. But I have known Greg since we studied together at Maritzburg College back in 1985. Back then Greg was always the lead in everything and also the most fantastic cartoonist who kept the whole school entertained with his work. He began cartooning as a child and by the time I saw his work at Maritzburg College he was already publishable. (You should see the cartoon strip work that he did of Hamlet)

So when I was looking for a new illustrator who works well as a cartoonist, Greg was a natural choice. I know him, know how hard he works, and I know that his confidence simply splashes off the page when he draws. If only I had known just how busy he always is so that I could have jumped in ahead of the rest of the queue of Creatives who are always lining up to work with him.

In He Sneezed On Me Greg worked with marker pens (known as koki pens in South Africa) on paper, in a myriad of snotty colours that I would describe as carefully hand-picked greens and yellows that light up each page. And aside from the endless dripping, splashing and stretching snot, you will love Greg’s characterization too. Both the snot covered young boy and his friend the wicked waddling half crocodile half dinosaur monster are a treat that produce many a laugh! Drawing is clearly one of his great passions, and the work he did in this book showcases this perfectly. Whenever I read the book to kids and I show them the pictures page by page, they shriek with delight and at point hysterically at the pictures. You have to grab a copy of this one to try it out with your kids for yourself.  

Ps. If you are ever in Durban keep an eye out for Greg’s shows, his posters and even the  cartooned blackboard menu’s he sometimes does for restaurants.

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