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REVIEW, BOOKS & LEISURE, 2nd Issue, March – May 2007

Reviewed by
Montessori Directress 


 ISBN 0 – 620 – 34172 – 6

 Thandi Counts to Ten is the second book penned by this quirky author from KwaZulu Natal. 

Thandi counts with the reader from one to ten, using familiar objects such as her family, pet cat and clothes to help give concrete counting examples. Woodburn catches the child’s attention with his locally flavoured rhyming couplets, and focuses their attention by isolating each number to its own page.  

The A4 illustrations burst with colour and visual detail, which not only give the written numeral, but objects of the same number for the child to count, thereby reinforcing the one-to-one correspondence of early counting skills. The illustrations are South African in their depiction and it is refreshing to see a counting book that is so proudly home –grown.  

At the back of the book Woodburn and Falconer included a vocabulary of the numbers one to ten in the other ten official languages, as well as in South African sign language. Some of the pronunciations are difficult, but children love to roll them round their tongue, and children of different cultural backgrounds can help each other (and the teacher) with the correct pronunciation.  

There is also a suggestion page of questions by which to engage your child in further discussion: looking for big things, shapes and patterns that develop the child’s visual perception and vocabulary.

Sarah Ewing (Montessori Directress)

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