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He Sneezed on Me

By Donald Woodburn (published by Donald Woodburn)
December 13, 2006 Edition 1

Meneesha Govender

If any of you parents have children that love to get gooey and grimy, this book is definitely for them. Reading it to my 3-year-old took a lot out of me I must say - I did well not to gag. But my son's absolute delight at all the fun mess in the hallowed pages of a book made it worth it.

Bold illustrations and quirky type make it a really fun and vibrant read - the perfect end to the day for the little ones.

And if you don't believe me a Grade 7 pupil said of it: "The most slimetastic and snoteriffic book I've ever read. I love it!"

So there you go - this wonderfully wicked tale is sure to be a hit with every little (and not-so-little) monster in your family. - Meneesha Govender

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