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REVIEW, BOOKS & LEISURE, 2nd Issue, March – May 2007 

Reviewed by
English Teacher and Television News Editor 

The Story of a Monster's Snot

ISBN 0 – 620 – 36978 – 7

‘He Sneezed on Me’ will bring out the child in every adult who reads it, while every child who reads it is likely to revel with glee at the sheer revoltingness of the subject matter.  

It tells the story of a boy and his friend, a dragon-like green monster who sneezes a Brontosaurus Rex-sized sneeze, and the drama of removing the disgusting goop which covers the boy’s entire body. What ensues is a highly amusing read that will capture the imagination of both boys and girls under ten. And there's even a twist in the tale… 

Written in rhyming couplets, it scans at a slimy rollicking pace, amusing and educating all at once. Woodburn throws in some wonderful words which he made up, along with some quite advanced ones which will be new to many of the younger children. My favourite lines are:

"I slipped and slopped in the slosh and the goosh
I struggled in the mush and swallowed some moosh" 

And as Greg King illustrated in bright primary colours that jump out at you, He Sneezed on Me is also perfect for visually engaging smaller children when reading out loud to them. They will simply love the cartoon-like drawings, as well as the worms and the bits of yellow goo that are splashed across the pages. The bright glossy snot coloured pages and the globular font resembling drying mucous, also add to the visual appeal.  

This is a hugely descriptive snot and tears of laughter-inducing children's book - a must buy. And if you don't believe me, check out all the recommendations from teachers and librarians on the back cover.  

It is such fun that I plan to give a copy to every child I know.   


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