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Back Cover – He Sneezed On Me

What The Librarians & Teachers Said:

My learners loved this revolting fantastic tale! Move over Roald Dahl, Donald Woodburn is alive and well in South Africa.

Joy Storm, Teacher-Librarian, Primary School

A wonderfully imaginative story with a twist in the tail – definitely appealing to boys of all ages!

Renee Gordge, Librarian, Primary School

I found myself revolted, addicted and filled with a wicked child-like
sense of fun. The rhythm and language bombard the senses and ensure greater
delight with each reading experience. If Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl are high on your reading list then this book is a must for every child irrespective of age.

Lynn Cutter, Teacher – Librarian

This is a revoltingly descriptive story, gleefully captivating the imagination of children. It most definitely shakes the mucous membranes of the literary world.

Tanya Rees, Grade R Teacher

He Sneezed On Me is a glorious fantasy confronting us with the yucky reality of snot. It is a deliciously tasty tale written for monsters of all ages - and there are lots of monsters out there who will lap it up! Fabulously funny and playful. Grab your self a copy right now!

Brigitta Simpson, Teacher-Librarian


What The Children Said:

The most slimetastic and snoteriffic book I’ve ever read. I love it!

Carissa Blair
Grade 7

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