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REVIEW, BOOKS & LEISURE, 2nd Issue, March – May 2007

eviewed by
Lecturer (TV and Film) Wits School of Arts 

All The People of The World

ISBN 0 – 620 – 32496 – 1

Finally I have found a local children’s writer who embraces many South Africanisms but who still writes in a way that transcends our borders. If you’ve been looking for a bright and colourful, essentially urban South African children’s book, this is the best I’ve seen so far. 

Between them, Woodburn and Feek have created a fundamentally South African story that offers a positive look at where we are in South Africa today. In ‘All the People of the World’ the creators celebrate the world we see around us, and rejoice at social change, as experienced locally and I imagine across the globe from culture to culture. It’s a fusion of contemporary popular culture that springs to life from the stalls of the Rosebank African Craft Market, well accompanied by eclectic witty verse. 

This book will appeal to Children from ages 3 to 12, as well as to many educators teaching culture, heritage and tolerance. Its colourful and detailed pages will keep young children captivated whilst the social contexts and ideas explored will challenge and stimulate the older reader. 

It’s a children’s delight and one of my coffee table musts! Plus I imagine it will appeal strongly to the homesick ex-pats living abroad.

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