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Palace Malice - Back Cover Reviews

What the School Principals said:

  • “Another beautifully illustrated book by a colourful, local, up and coming young author.”

Pat Strachan, Camelot College, Durban

  • “Gross, tasty descriptions that just can't be misplaced... this book is quite perfect for all kinds of taste! It is a wonderfully colourful story with appeal and meaning for all ages.”

Robin Odell, Lynford School, Ixopo

  • “An outrageously wicked woman gets her just deserts in this lively, beautifully illustrated story.”

Stella Hortop, Manor Gardens Primary, Durban

  • “A delightful story that will appeal yo many a child’s sense of humour.”

Lyn Breytenbach, Clarence Primary School, Durban

What the parents said:

  • “Donald Woodburn once again demonstrates his incredible blend of Seuss-like wit and Dahlian charm in this story, which illustrates a superb moral lesson and stretches the vocabularies of little learning minds. A must-have for the bedroom shelf.”

Jessica Kell, Durban

  • “Woodburn is watching us and we had better beware! This is outrageously funny and scorchingly scathing social commentary with a twist. Yet another triumph for the author!”

Natasha Russo, Durban


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